Relatório Anual
Priscilla Ozono Psicologia: logo and visual identity
Package for Snacks Mikito’s
Congresso Regional Escoteiro
Calendário 2019 free download
Package for ˝Pão de Mel˝
Business Card Tonbow Studio
Banner for Ichiban Presents
Logo and Newsletter ˝O Cardim˝ for Boy Scout
Logo ˝CATArII de Jovens˝ and visual identity
Logo ˝Latin America Area˝
Logo 8ª Caçada Fotográfica Escoteira
Logo and T-shirt ˝Love Asia˝ - FMWM
Logo for consulting company, flyer and stand
Poster ˝You were chosen to be free˝. Galatians 5.13
Logo ˝Veronerd˝
Poster and name tag for a Camp
Logo ˝Tomorrow Clãs˝ and visual identity
Logo and Brochure for Multiply Project
Logo Chiba Church
Logo FMWM - Asia Area
Logo and business card ˝Matsunaga Tachibana˝
Logo ˝Sakura Brigaderia˝
New logo for Free Methodist Church in Diadema
Commemorative logo
Logo ˝Light of the World˝
Physiotherapist Alberto Ko Tachibana
Kombini Food - Salgaderia e Pizzaria
Logo Sônia Estética
Logo Color Tree
Visual identity for company ˝Bekim˝
Logo Hip Hop
IMeL Running
Company ˝InsightInc˝
Visual identity for cake handmade ˝Central dos Bolos˝
Scout group ˝Leão de Judá˝
Kombini Food, pizza package and folder
King’s Kids Japan 2018
Catalog for perfume import company
Casal em Foco
Kyodai Real Estate - post for Facebook
Free Methodist Church in Brazil (Nikkei council)
Calendário 2018 - free download
My poster shop!
Flyer and card for Hosana Church
Poster for the new unit
Banner for Ichiban Presents
Love never gives up
Poster for a course
Layout for sheets about nutrition
Brochure for FTML
King’s Kids Japan 2017
Catalog for perfume import company
Blog Hirayama Veronese
Free Methodist Church in Diadema, SP - Brasil
Personal card
Personal card for psychologist
Poster for a course from FTML
Packages for hair dryer
Calendar 2017 - Free Download
Poster for a course
Brochure for perfume import company
FTML - template for courses
Eleven - Language School
Catalog ˝Panther Hotelaria˝
Theme of preaching
Poster of course about sexual abuse
Poster for a course
Poster for a course
Poster ˝Vida Magistral˝
Poster ˝Talkshow˝
Poster for Doctorate
Poster ˝Love and Respect˝
Poster ˝Luca Gouveia˝
Blog ˝Kids in SP˝
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